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"The History and Future of the WalkON Suit: A Powered Exoskeleton for People With Disabilities"
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J. Choi, K. Park, J. Park, D. Lee, E. Song, B. Na, S. Jeon, T. Kim, H. Choi, H. Woo, J. Lee, B. Kim, D. Rha, and K. Kong
IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine


In this article, the mechanical design concept, control strategy, and gait-trajectory-generation method are introduced for a powered exoskeleton, called the WalkON Suit, which won the gold and bronze medals at Cybathlon 2020. The WalkON Suit was developed based on several distinct technologies, such as high-power actuation modules, robotic legs with parallel-elastic-actuation modules, gait-patter generation, and the iterative-learning algorithm of human behavior, which mad it powerful and unique

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