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"A Mobile Motion Capture System Based on Inertial Sensors and Smart Shoes,"
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P.G. Jung, S. Oh, G. Lim, and K. KONG
ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control


Motion capture systems play an important role in health-care and sport-training systems. In particular, there exists a great demand on a mobile motion capture system that enables people to monitor their health condition and to practice sport postures anywhere at any time. The motion capture systems with infrared or vision cameras, however, require a special setting, which hinders their application to a mobile system. In this paper, a mobile three-dimensional motion capture system is developed based on inertial sensors and smart shoes. Sensor signals are measured and processed by a mobile computer; thus, the proposed system enables the analysis and diagnosis of postures during outdoor sports, as well as indoor activities. The measured signals are transformed into quaternion to avoid the Gimbal lock effect. In order to improve the precision of the proposed motion capture system in an open and outdoor space, a frequency-adaptive sensor fusion method and a kinematic model are utilized to construct the whole body motion in real-time. The reference point is continuously updated by smart shoes that measure the ground reaction forces. 

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