[엑소스켈레톤 리포트] 웨어러블 로봇 협회 회의 2019 – WearRAcon19(2019.03.28)

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Angel Robotics, a newcomer to the WearRAcon series had a particularly strong spotlight demo.  This South Korean company has three powered exoskeleton prototypes in development, all of them focused on walking assistance.  The team from Angel Robotics was in 3rd place at the first Cybathlon exoskeleton race.  Angel Robotic’s video presentation concluded with their newest pediatric gait assist wearable robot and a big surprise, the user from the last video was in the audience!  The 11 year old Chaeyi Park rose up from her wheelchair in her exoskeleton.

The Angle Robotics pediatric mobile gait exoskeleton was visually appealing and included custom made jeans that are integrated with the machine.  This is the first time we have seen a wearable robot of this size come with customized clothing.  Another boundary that the company is pushing is a new twist on virtual reality mobile rehabilitation.  Video of an environment, like a famous beach, is taken with a surround camera.  The medical exoskeleton user then dons a virtual reality headset and walks through the pre-recorded environment with the help of their exo from anywhere in the world.


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